The Meadow Group work with buoyant and robust companies. Each has it’s own USP offering sector diversification.



Greenstorc Ltd is an energy company whose technology generates “power from heat”. The company deploys a precision engineered proprietary “power from heat” solution, which can be configured to accept heat from third party sustainable heat source technologies such as CHP, shallow geothermal, biomass/gas, solar-CSP (thermal). This can generate clean green electricity 24 hours a day using the Smart Heat Utility Box (SHUBox). Relevant information issued by the U.S. Department Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is available from this link.

Greenstorc Ltd is seeking to raise £5 million by issuing Greenstorc Loan Notes to provide all funding and costs associated with the deployment of a 1 MW Clean Power Station at its Sonsbeck heat farm. Proceeds raised from the issue of the Loan Notes will be invested in dedicated Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) that are 100% owned by the company. Each SPV will own the assets of one 1 MW Clean Power Station (“CPS”) at the Sonsbeck heat farm. Each CPS contains 10 SHUBoxes respectively (rated at 100kW each). The SPVs will only retain enough profits to continue operations and pay interest on capital. All other proceeds will be transferred to the company.


  • Instruments: 3 & 5 Year Fixed Rate Loan Notes .
  • Security: 1st Charge over the SPV.
  • Security Trustee in place.

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Founded in 2013, London DE is a UK based supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones to the global market place, supplying all levels of the chain with loose stones and bespoke jewellery. Their “Mine to Market” gem trading model eliminates several inefficient areas of the traditional gemstone supply chain. London DE’s model begins by buying the rough at source directly from the local mines, as well as manufacturing it into finished gemstones.


  • 3 or 5 Year Bond with early exit available
  • Security trustee in place
  • Asset Backed

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